Women and global warming (webcast)

Aviva and Dr. James White are joined by Chris Cuomo, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies, University of Georgia and Curator at eco*art*lab. Chris and Aviva begin by talking about a recent article Chris published which showed that only 20% of total emitted CO2 is from the private sector, (residential and transportation) and that industries, corporations and governments are responsible for 80% of total CO2 emissions. So, for folks who care about climate change and want to make a positive impact, rather than working on retro fitting their households, maybe they should spend their time and energy trying to influence the decision making of industries, corporations, municipalities, legislatures and governments. Chris describes the gender constituency she is part of, for the COP 15 in Warsaw, Poland 2013, specifically focused on the roll women play in climate change. Jim talks about recent issues in Colorado that have gotten people engaged at the local level, such as the pushback against fracking and the ability of individuals to generate solar energy.


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