• Aviva Rahmani

    Aviva Rahmani

    Ecological Artist

    Affiliate at INSTAAR, UCB, and researcher with University of Plymouth, UK, Rahmani’s Ghost Nets (, and
    Blue Rocks (2002) restored over 26 acres of wetlands in the Gulf of Maine. Artifacts from her transdisciplinary artworks, are shown and published internationally.

  • R. Eugene Turner

    R. Eugene Turner

    Coastal & Environment Scientist

    R. Eugene Turner is a Chaired Professor, Distinguished Research Master and Distinguished Faculty at Louisiana State University. He is sometimes an oceanographer with feet in the watershed, and at other times a wetland ecologist.

  • James White

    James White


    Jim White is a paleoecologist and Professor at the University of Colorado (CU). He is the Director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, and is the founding Director of Environmental Studies Program at CU. His research interests revolve around human impacts on the environment.

  • James Bradley

    James Bradley


    James Bradley is a consultant, educator, user experience designer and software developer. He founded and directs the technology services nonprofit, WebServes. He teaches UX design, digital media and web-related courses at NYU SCPS and Hunter College (CUNY).